CLOS LES FITES Garnacha, Carinyena, Cabernet Sauvignon

This blend of Garnacha, Carinyena and Cabernet Sauvignon is for us the perfection of wine. It has the incredible complexity and character of the best Prioratos, but instead of being big in our face which comes naturally with their grapes, it is tamed to a fine, elegant wine, with power. Worth every single panny and more! Fites are rudimentary columns made of stones. Since the 12th century, fites were used as landmarks. After building the monastery Mas Dels Frares in 1450, the Monks of Scala Dei built many fites all around the property and all around the vineyards in order to delimit their land from their neighbours’. This land was called Priorat. This wine can be aged for about ten years.

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