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Anima Mundi

Sometimes we know who we are and sometimes not.

Sometimes we know what we want and sometimes not.

Many times we know what we are doing and many others not.

Nature instructs and we try to do our best every year, sometimes things work and sometimes not. Anima Mundi is doing without certainties, without a preconceived map, trying to figure out our grapes and terroirs each year because life works like that, time is like that and wine is like that as well.

Our wines reflect our vital signs, our restless soul and in that we are revolutionaries  because our fight is one to one with ourselves. And that means winning…


Composed_by_Hispa“Composed By Hispa is a range of wines I have uniquely crafted to reflect the best of the wine-making countries of the world in which I specialises. My focus has been on Spanish and South American wine for more than 10 years, and this is the first time I have embraced the delicate art of blending wines together with my favourite wine makers. The name reflects my belief that the art of blending wine relates in many ways to the art of creating music. In 2012 the first four wines of the range were born, two from Mendoza – Argentina, and another two from DO Costers del Segre and Catalunya in Spain. The range will continue to grow in future vintages, with wines from Chile, Brazil and Uruguay. We are proud to present Composed by HISPA, part of the HISPA Wine Collection.”  Solano Pena-Lenzi, owner of Hispamerchants.


This winery is located in North Yacochua, in Cafayate, in the Calchaquí Valleys, in the province of Salta.
Endowed with a solid professional background and a vast experience in viticulture, the Domingo brothers, Osvaldo, Gabriel and Rafael, have successfully put together the pecularities of altitude grapes and the latest technology and facilities.

Ranging from 1,600 to 2,300 metres above sea level, the sixty-hectare vineyards boast a special microclimate with more than 300 sunny days, scarce rainfall, and a wide temperature range, all of which allow for excellent grape growing conditions.

Torrontes, Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon and Tannat are some of the varieties that are grown respecting the ecological identity and personality of the terroirs. The wines obtained from these grapes display all the typical qualities of the region in their intense aromas and flavours, complex body, good structure and balance.



El Porvenir de Cafayate is a family winery and that defines their viti-viniculture. El Porvenir de Cafayate is the luxury of thinking long-term.

El Porvenir believes in Cafayate, in its potential, in its people, its history and its culture. El Porvenir wines feel a deep respect and love for their terroir and want their wines to reflect this.

They take the legacy of their ancestors and,  with an entrepreneurial spirit, add innovative ideas in search of new challenges. El Porvenir strong roots in Cafayate keep growing together with their vineyards.

El Porvenir wines are an invitation to travel in a journey of improvement and discovery that undertook a long time ago in Cafayate.


Finca la Anita

A site in the world. On the slopes of the highest peaks of the Andes. Range 70 hectares of vineyards are exposed to Mendoza’s sun. Aged vines, carefully tended so as to provide the noblest grapes to be vinified in Finca la Anita’s winery in the heart of the estate.

All the processes necessary to make great wines – from the care of the grapes to the bottling – are carried out on the estate. The selection of the grapes, the intense care applied during the fermentation and vinification and the respect for tradition combined with the latest technology, lead to the making of wines in small quantities which are identifiable, elegant and unique.


Bodega Fin del Mundo

Bodega del Fin del Mundo is the first winery in the Province of Neuquén. Our vineyards are located in San Patricio del Chañar, 55 kilometers away from Neuquén, a place where the agro-environmental conditions are ideal for growing vines.

The fantastic temperature range – higher than 20ºC between night and day  – caused by warm sunny days and cool nights, brings balance to the grapes and gives the wines their color, acidity, aromas and structure. Intense sun rays pass through the almost always clear sky, thus allowing the grapes to ripe in the correct manner. Low humidity and scarce rainfall – only 180 mm a year – keep the vineyard extraordinarily healthy.


Marcelo Pelleriti

The wines created by Marcelo Pelleriti are performed with the utmost care and dedication. Vine where they originate, enjoys climatic and geographical conditions especially conducive to achieve great results. The wine is made respecting the great wine tradition: manual harvests, lack of fertilizers and, above all, transport of the grape by gravity. The wines are made entirely by hand and the grapes are facing a double selection: in the bunch and grain by grain.



Mendel Winery embodies the partnership of one of Argentina’s most respected and experienced winemakers -Roberto de la Mota- with an established Argentine family. Together they are dedicated to producing wines of unquestionable superior quality expressing the quality and character of our very old Malbec and Cabernet vineyards in Luján de Cuyo, Mendoza, Argentina.

They choose the best lots from their old vineyards, and pay rigorous attention to every detail of the artisan winemaking process: from selecting parcels and picking grapes to fermentation in small tanks and aging wines in the finest French oak. Ancient vineyards, passionate people, experience and friendship are blended to create  remarkable wines.



Bodega Malma was born as part of a new wine making project development in San Patricio del Chañar, Province of Neuquén. This is a region that comes out of the wine making map and stands out for its high quality wines. Bodega Malma launched its wines into the market in 2004 and since that time it has been exporting its products to the world.

Bodega Malma is owned by Viola and Eurnekian families, who acquired this winery in 2009 to continue developing the Patagonian wine making region and become established in the top quality wine business at a global level.

Together with Enologist Sergio Pomar and Consulting Enologist Roberto de la Mota, we have outlined a product portfolio and are researching on the potential of every micro terroir for different varieties.



Narbona’s wine cellar has an area of 50 hectares located in the hull of the original farm dating from 1909 where Juan de Narbona founded one of the first wineries in the country. Faithful to the tradition in 1990 the hull is recycled, in 1998 the planting of vineyards began and in 2010 the construction of a new wine cellar began in the original hull for exclusive manufacture of premium wines.



La Perla Del Priorat is one of Priorat’s oldest wineries. Founded in the 15th century by the carthusian monks of Scala Dei under the name of “Mas Dels Frares” (House of the Friars), it used to be an important monastery of Priorat. It was surrounded by a huge vineyard (up to 90’000 vines). As the fame of the wines blended in the “Mas Dels Frares” grew quickly, it was named “La Perla Del Priorat” since the beginning of the 18th century.

La Perla Del Priorat SL blended its first wines in 1999 from grapes that were bought from selected old vines of Priorat. Then, only 10’000 bottles of “Comte Pirenne” and “Clos Les Fites” were produced.
Today, with a 10 year old vineyard in full production, La Perla Del Priorat SL limits it’s production to maximise the quality of it’s four wines (“Comte Pirenne”, Clos Les Fites”, “Clos Les Fites Blanc” and “Noster”). Grapes from very old Grenache and Cariñena vines are still bought outside the property to blend “Comte Pirenne”.



Over the years the Padín-Garrido family accumulated knowledge and experience producing their own wines, and in the 80’s, they start up a small business project in order to come on to the growing regional market of Albariño wine.

1989 marks the turning point where the small business of Manuel Padín and Carmen Garrido becomes Bodegas Pablo Padín S.L., allowing to empower the family project with better infrastructure, advanced technology and a team of outstanding professionals that make possible to develop some of the most awarded and recognized Rias Baixas Albariño wines by specialized criticism and international contests.

Close to its 25th anniversary, Bodegas Pablo Padín S.L. maintains all the enthusiasm and vitality to keep improving in order to attract and amaze every time our wines are uncorked.



An antique and traditional grape growing region is located in the Departments of Lujan de Cuyo and Maipu; a location known as primera zona [1st region] of Argentine wines. Such a name was not given by chance but was adopted by virtue of the prestige acquired by its labels, historically placed among the best productions in the country.

Its privileged location in the south of the city of Mendoza, at perfect heights and on the best land of the province, has considerably collaborated with this aim.

The 1st region in Mendoza has been, together with Valle de Uco, one of the regions that most interest has aroused, and a real attraction for foreign investors, who seek great chances and better wines. RPB S.A. is proud of having two of its three wineries located in the 1st grape growing region.


Terra de Falanis



Bodega Tapiz produces its wines with vineyards located at different altitudes ranging from 920 to 1,400 meters above sea level and embraced by the impressive Andes mountain range. This special geographical location due to its bio-climatic characteristics makes it a unique and different place to the rest of the wine world.



Los Gins del Nuevo Mundo son diferentes a los clásicos sabores de London Dry, se alejan de las notas típicas invernales de las bayas de Enebro, tomándolas sólo como base para botánicos regionales más representativos y contemporáneos. En todos los sentidos del término, Apóstoles es el primer Gin Premium de Latinoamérica. Sus botánicos principales son las hojas frescas de yerba mate, pieles de pomelo rosado, eucalipto y menta peperina.

Within the realm of New World Gins, Apóstoles differs greatly from the classic winter flavors of London Dry. We present a nuanced profile that is more tropical and indigenous to the Southern Hemisphere incorporating our Argentine botanicals such as Yerba Mate, Pink Grapefruit, Peppermint and Eucalyptus.