Anima Mundi

Anima Mundi

Sometimes we know who we are and sometimes not.

Sometimes we know what we want and sometimes not.

Many times we know what we are doing and many others not.

Nature instructs and we try to do our best every year, sometimes things work and sometimes not. Anima Mundi is doing without certainties, without a preconceived map, trying to figure out our grapes and terroirs each year because life works like that, time is like that and wine is like that as well.

Our wines reflect our vital signs, our restless soul and in that we are revolutionaries because our fight is one to one with ourselves. And that means winning…

Mecano Blend
casa marguery
Case Marguery Malbec
anima mundi 2
Cabernet Franc
anima mundi 1
Familia Marguery Malbec

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