The history of this winery begins in 1853 when the Lozano family planted the first vineyards in Villarrobledo. Since then four generations have managed the winery, always laying on hard work and use of traditional techniques in the elaboration process. Throughout, the same philosophy has always been pursued; to achieve the highest quality in all its products and providing a differential value and trust to all customers. The winery has gone through different stages that have shaped what it is today: a professional and referent company in the wine sector, which adapts it the new times through new products and formats. This is reflected in its objectives today; focusing on providing value added to all customers, taking care of all the production processes, from the grape to the final product.

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Since 1853, Lozano family has maintained the tradition of respecting and caring for the land as one of the principles of the company. The annual production of is 6500 kilos per hectare thanks to the typically continual climate which contributes to the character of the grapes, for which these wines are known for internationally. Quality of the land and its humidity, temperature, plantation type, attention due to the ripening degree of the grapes, distance of the vineyard to the winery and timescale from harvesting to fermentation, careful harvesting and most of all effort-based work are part of the success of Lozano. The soil of this land is mostly clay-calcareous and it is located mainly in low mountains.

Microsoft Word - AROMAR 75cl BLANCO (english).doc
Aromar Macabeo
Microsoft Word - AROMAR 75cl TINTO (english).doc
Aromar Tempranillo Garnacha 
Tempranillo Syrah
Tempranillo Grenache
Verdejo-Sauvignon Blanc

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