Finca La Anita

Finca la Anita

A site in the world. On the slopes of the highest peaks of the Andes. Range 70 hectares of vineyards are exposed to Mendoza’s sun. Aged vines, carefully tended so as to provide the noblest grapes to be vinified in Finca la Anita’s winery in the heart of the estate.

All the processes necessary to make great wines – from the care of the grapes to the bottling – are carried out on the estate. The selection of the grapes, the intense care applied during the fermentation and vinification and the respect for tradition combined with the latest technology, lead to the making of wines in small quantities which are identifiable, elegant and unique.


FINCA LA ANITA Syrah   FINCA LA ANITA Malbec  FINCA LA ANITA Petit Verdot  FINCA LA ANITA Cabernet Sauvignon  FINCA LA ANITA Sauvignon Blanc

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