Martín Berdugo is a young, innovative and vibrant winery in the Ribera del Duero. In 1990, Josefina Martín Berdugo, together with her husband and children, decided to plant vines in the same place where they had been planted for over two hundred years by her ancestors. These harvests from the “grapes of hope” were sold to other wineries, until finally in 2000, when the vineyard Martín Berdugo was established. This is how the exciting journey of this family-run winery began!

The winery is built on privileged land, formed from river soil and covered in rounded pebbles, which holds heat and humidity. This enhances the maturing process. Martín Berdugo dry prunes its vines in the winter, as well as having strict green pruning and cluster reduction. This ensures higher quality fruit, which in turn ensures higher quality wine.

Martín Berdugo is a winery for daring people, who are willing to take chances; our wines express the nature and individuality of the fruit of our vines, using the latest technologies while all the time respecting the traditional methods. They do not only improve with each harvest, they try to surprise the people who share their taste, their philosophy and their joy in wines. The winery is ISO 9000:2004 certified, which guarantees the traceability of the product from the vine to the glass – while at the same time respecting the environment.

Martin Berdugo


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