Terra de Falanis

Terra de Falanis


TERRA de FALANIS is the name that historian Miquel Barceló used to call Mallorca: Felanitx, before it existed as such. Maybe because of a connection with the past before our land was over populated and the illusion of putting essence in the spotlight over decoration, it’s why this project is called Terra de Falanis.

Terra de Falanis works with native grape varieties of the regions where they are located: Meditearrean climate and Catalan culture. Insular and continenant. Alttitude and wine. Sea and Mountains. Mallorca and Montsant.

Terra de Falanis aims to be the result of the continuous education  acquired through other projects they have all long been involved in. It is a way to extend the concepts and techniques learnt in other regions and apply them beyond  natural boarders (the island of Mallorca) by discovering the fantastic possibilities of Montsant.

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Terra de Falanis 

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