Tres Plumas

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Tres Plumas

Tres Plumas was created in 1936. It translates to ‘three feathers’ and by demanding sommeliers it is considered to be the best in the country of its type. Hispamerchants offers their Dulce de leche and their Brandies.

The Golden Age Brandy is a historic premium liquor, impossible not to be in any bar in Argentina, or at home. It was thought and developed to revive the golden age of cocktails in Argentina, enabling to produce dozens of new receipts present in classic books of cocktail making and opening consumers to new and unforgettable experiences. Five unique and barely seen flavours made with the highest quality: Maraschino, Apricot-Brandy, Cherry Brandy, Parfait Amour.

Premium Liquors Golden Age is made by Ruben Rasente who has more than 35 years of experience in the best spirits companies of the world. Rasente was able to integrate ingredients that are perfectly balanced and of the highest quality. These liquors are produced with the most advanced technology from Villa Mercedes, San Luis, Argentina following the world acclaimed European processes.

The dulce de leche is a sweet, rich caramel liqueur, a classic iconic drink from Dellepiane Spirits. This Dulce de Leche is a liquor presented by ‘Tres Plumas. It is one of the most historically representative flavours of Argentina, maintaining a great way the fidelity to flavour and texture of the best exponents. Considered by experts as the best in the country.

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