Vina Luis Felipe Edwards was created in 1976 and has developed to be the largest family-owned wine company in Chile. This vineyard is situated in the Fundo San Jose de Puquilay estate, located in the Colchagua Valley. This Chilean wine producer owns 2000 hectares of vineyard land, spread across different regions to achieve the ideal climate for the production of top quality wine. Its main production of red wines is based in the warmer regions of Colchagua Valley, which incorporates the highest vineyard plantations in Chile. The production of white wines and other cooler climate wines such as Pinot Noir and Syrah are produced in Leyda Valley along the line of the Pacific Ocean coastline with a cooler climate. This allows grapes to grow under optimal conditions, which allows for unique and top-quality wine.  Vina Luis Felipe Edwards combines the best technology with traditional processes, together with their people’s commitment to producing the best wine. Their philosophy is based on knowledge, respect for the environment and passion to always strive to achieve the best quality.


El Picador Merlot
El Picador Sauvignon Blanc
El Picador Cabernet Sauvignon

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