Wine-making is defined in the vineyard. It is usually said that it is possiblVINOS DE POTRERO LOGO.pnge to make bad wine with good grapes, and yet it is certainly impossible to obtain high-quality wine from low-quality grapes. Thus, location, soil, climate and grape variety show a determining influence on the final product.

All the grapes for Vinos de Potrero come from vineyards in Gualtallary, Uco Valley. They are four small neighbouring vineyards (between 3,4 and 4,6 hectares big), which exhibit similar though not identical soil and exposure profiles. These lots produce the Malbec and the Cabernet Sauvignon grapes used in the production of 100% of our red wines. From a philosophical standpoint, the four vineyards are managed in the same way but constitute very well-defined and distinct lots. Every one of them has clearly identified characteristics and is worked so that its fruit eventually produces a unique wine.


Gran Malbec de Potrero
El Debut de Potrero
Malbec de Potrero
Reserva de Potrero

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