Victor Pino Torche, the first gentleman in our story was not born into a traditional Chilean wine family. The family worked in mining administration and the farm was a retreat for summers in San Juan de Pirque. San Juan was not “wine country”, but rather simply a small hamlet on the banks of the Maipo River,  perched high up where the Maipo Valley narrows and climbs into the Cajon del Maipo, flanked on both sides by large rock faces of the Andes.

William Fevre’s vineyards are located in two extreme terroirs: one in the Andes Mountains, high in the Maipo Valley, and the other in the extreme South of Chile, in the volcanic lands of the Malleco Valley.

OUR RANGE FROM William Fevre

Little Quino Sauvignon Blanc – Malleco Valley, Araucania

Little Quino Pinot Noir – Malleco Valley, Araucania

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