San Patricio del Chañar, 37 miles to the northwest of the province’s capital, has been prized for viticulture in recent times by many of Argentina’s largest winemaking firms. In the last few years, more than 3,460 acres have been planted with vineyards and five wineries have been built in the area.

The region receives 180mm rainfall annually temperature differences of up to 20° C can occur between day and night during the ripening period. This makes for an ideal vine growing climate. Vineyards stand at around 400 metres above sea level. All these features combine to ensure extremely healthy grapes
with great concentration of colours and aromas, slowly developing tannins and perfect levels of acidity. All these factors help to yield high-quality wines.

The wines of the region display remarkable colour concentration, intensely fruity aromas plus great body and structure across all varieties. The cooler climate helps produce more elegant red wines, such as the noble Pinot Noir

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