San Juan

The region of San Juan is the second grape and wine producing
region in the country, with over 47000 planted hectares. Bonarda
is the second most planted wine grape in Argentina and
develops excellently in this region. Tannat usually thrives better
in warm weather with sandy soils but finds however in San Juan
a natural habitat to mature.

Vine-growing in San Juan is distributed in five valleys: Tulum,
Ullum, Zonda, Pedernal and Calingasta. Tulum Valley, located at
635 masl, is the most important in the province. This region’s
climatic conditions have a high impact on the wine’s
differentiating quality; the weather is warm and very dry.

According to winemakers with a vast experience in the region,
this characteristic is explained by the unique sun exposure of an
average of 330 days a year, the low level of precipitations and
weather phenomena.

The soils in San Juan are varied although mainly aluvional. They
hold certain singularities such as sandy extensions towards the
East of Tulum Valley and a spreading of calcareous soils in
Zonda with a lot of potential.

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