Galicia has a long winemaking tradition popularized by the Romans cultivating the vine, and later, the Route to Santiago influenced the winemaking techniques. These wines had been exported to other European regions since the end of the Middle Ages, however, for centuries, Galicians kept the privilege to enjoy one of the finest white wines known.

The Albariño Specific Denomination established in 1980, but the entrance of Spain in the European Union, required the creation of the Rias Baixas Protected Denomination of Origin at the end of the decade, and there began the successful path of the Rias Baixas Albariño wines to establish a position between the best white wines worldwide in short time.

At the same time, 1989 marks the turning point where the small business of Manuel Padín and
Carmen Garrido becomes Bodegas Pablo Padín S.L., allowing to empower the family project with
better infrastructure, advanced technology and a team of outstanding professionals that make
possible to develop some of the most awarded and recognized Rias Baixas Albariño wines by
specialized criticism and international contests.

Close to its 25th anniversary, Bodegas Pablo Padín S.L. maintains all the enthusiasm and vitality to keep improving in order to attract and amaze every time our wines are uncorked.

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