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Hispamerchants Ltd offers wine, beer and spirits from Argentina, Spain, Uruguay and Chile. Please click on the country to discover our range from these areas.


Argentina is in the southern cone of the American continent. It is blessed with outstanding natural richness and extraordinary diverse landscapes, with high mountains and plains, and lush vegetation. This wealth of natural exosystem makes if a diverse and highly productive grape-bearing country, making Argentina an extraordinary wine industry.  The altitude, the wide range of temperatures, the local know-how, the new technologies and a deeply-rooted popular wine culture give these wines their unique identity and quality. Our wineries in Argentina are situated in the regions of Mendoza, Salta, San Juan and Patagonia.


Chile is the seventh largest wine-producing country in the world. It has many different wine regions with varied climates, allowing for a variety of different top wines. Our wines are produced in the Valle Central of Chile, which has a warm, breezy and dry climate, influenced by its proximity to the ocean and the Andes. Furthermore, our winery also has estates along the Pacific Ocean coastline, which has a cooler climate, which is ideal for the production of white wines.


Spain is an ancient wine-producing country, that keeps surprising with the development of new wines, wineries brands and regions. Our Portfolio comprises a range of young wineries and long-established wineries, allowing for a variety of unique products. Spain has a Mediterranean climate, characterized by hot summers and mild winters.


Uruguay is a flat country; the product of gentle ageing and weathering of a variety of soil type. This flat landscape and its proximity to the Atlantic ocean, with the chilly Antarctic currents, along with sometimes fierce winds that blow inland from the sea, give the southern coastal region a cool maritime climate. The main wine-growing region is Canelones; situated around the capital Montevideo and next to the Rio de la Plata. The highest area gently rises to 100m; there are no slopes or river valleys for vineyards here. The soils are clay or clay and limestone mix. Clay retains water well during dry periods, forming a hard crust on the surface.

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